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Winners are announced!
We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the challenge. Read more about the winners here.

Competition closed on 22 Feb 2015



Paid internship with Fortum during the summer of 2015
Develop your idea within Fortum during the internship
Study trip to Silicon Valley

Competition process

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Winners are announced!

The aim of Fortum Innovation Challenge was to identify innovative consumer ideas that would contribute to sustainability, fulfill a customer need and be implementable with current technologies and in existing markets. Out of 5 final teams from Finland and 5 from Sweden, the jury has selected two winning entries - congratulations to Beichen Chen (Sweden - Charge and Drive 2.0) and Elizaveta Starovoitova & Gergely Horvath (Finland - PeerBench)!

We would like to thank all the 59 teams participating in the challenge - the jury enjoyed taking part of all the inspirational and innovative ideas that were submitted in the competition.

Watch an interview with the winner from Finland here and the winner from Sweden here.

Finalists - Finland

Residential energy storage systems delivered through the Fortum ESS Action Plan Our idea for the next generation of smart energy solutions consists of electrical energy storage systems (ESS) delivered through a new business model, called the Fortum ESS Action Plan. From the perspective of the average consumerr, ESS solutions can offer better protection against weather related power interruptions and allow the electricity from renewable sources to be stored and used at a later time. ESS solutions can also help balance total demand and supplement power during peak demand times. The Fortum Action Plan outlines a business strategy which utilizes Fortum expertise to educate customers and deliver various ESS systems to consumers. Customers can rent, lease or buy ESS systems with confidence knowing that their investments can be easily maintained and serviced by Fortum and its partners. Our strategy allows the popularity of ESS to grow past the early adopter stage, and allows Fortum to stay in charge.
Sharing is caring! Put yourself in the shoes of a businessman just about to seal a million dollar deal, a teenager about to take a selfie that is going to boost his social status to the max, a university student about to finish and send in assignments right before they are due or a parent who is buying groceries and trying to talk through a crisis at home. These are situations many of us have experienced and they all have one thing in common - when the battery of the device they are using dies, they are paralyzed. What if there were an application that guided you to hot spots that would allow you to charge your device either while you are sitting and relaxing or where you could leave your device to charge while you finish other tasks? That would save the day in situations similar to those mentioned before, and in so many others!
Fortum Home Fortum Home is an energy and money saving product family, that adds to the user’s comfort of living and safety. Its user-friendly design is built around a wall mounted home display and already existing Fiksu and other future devices. The Home display controls all features. Fortum Life package offers all add-ons designed around Fortum Home fully fitted into the customer’s home. It answers to the current and future needs of many user groups from elderly to young and from singles to families with children. Fortum Life is made easily available and implementable to facilitate customer’s lives and realize their everyday dreams.
UmixE - Customise Your Energy Usage Finland has numerous renewable energy sources and our idea is based on the growing rate of using alternative energy. Why not to empower consumers to adjust and make up their own energy plan based on green preferences, needed capacity, and price. Our idea is a new business model for applying a customized energy-mix of different types of sources encouraging the use of alternative energy. It raises environmental awareness, improves customer engagement and boosts upselling of other Fortum services. It is a win-win solution, transforming the commodity of energy through an interactive and environmentally conscious new service. And the concept does not require huge investments for implementation, as Fortum has expertise and ongoing projects regarding alternative energy distribution.
Make your Game Real! We will like to propose a fun way to learn about the potential of smart energy solution by creating three symbiotic elements. First, a game which combines the like of FarmVille and age of empire, will help educate the players of the benefits and issues of building smart and self-sufficient cities. By linking the first game with the second game, we will be able to push real data to give them a better sense of realism. As they realize the energy is not enough, they can convince or challenge their friends to reduce energy usage, which is monitored through the smart home energy monitoring system. Lastly, when the time is right, the game can be transform into real life smart cities with the participants of these people, just because they know the benefits and their ability to contribute.

Finalists - Sweden

Redefining electricity with services The current system of selling units of electricity is outdated and encourages waste. It's time we shift to a service-based system focused on giving customers what they want, and saving Fortum money. This will be done by orienting electricity sales around services that customers want and engaging Fortum directly in maximising end-use efficiency. Example: an apartment block buys a lighting and heating service. Then Fortum invests in maximising the efficiency of these services, using less of their electricity and making the smart decision that consumers often don’t have the capital to make. The new system will require a change in electricity sales and marketing, as well as distribution structures, consumer attitudes and of course huge investments in energy efficiency. But it is a necessary step in the transition to a modern electricity economy. And Fortum should lead the way.
Micro Power Trade Micro Power Trade is a system that will allow Fortum’s customers to sell electricity stored in their electric vehicles to the power grid, and it can be built upon Fortum’s current “Charge & Drive” service. The benefits for customers are the direct income from selling electricity. For the company, electric vehicles that could be seen as “portable generator/loads” are useful tools to face power imbalances and disturbances, resulting in a more reliable, flexible and efficient distribution grid. Since there are several charging stations already installed, there is no need of additional infrastructure or high initial investment for a pilot program
Collective Conscious Consumption Today’s average energy consumer views provision of energy as a right not a privilege, with consumption habits often left unquestioned. Lack of information and transparency in production, use and cost results in consumers who are unaware of their consumption habits and the resulting local and global implications of this use. The aim of the CCC-Program is to reduce energy consumption by increasing awareness and transparency in energy sources, uses and costs. A CCC-Interface is installed in the common area of an apartment building. The interactive screen shows energy consumption by: household use as a bar graph and source as a pie graph. Every unit in the building is shown in addition to the average. This information allows consumers to monitor their energy usage in comparison with others. Utilizing social/community pressure, the CCC-Program will help motivate changes in energy consumption behaviors, and thus provide a more sustainable environment for Fortum, consumers and the world.
Charge & Drive 2.0: Interactive Journey Optimizer App utilizing real time Big Data Charge & Drive 2.0 is the next generation interactive and optimized user-experience for electric vehicle (EV) owners and Fortum's customers. Building upon Fortum's existing service, it is synced across mobile, tablet, computer and EV-display allowing EV owners to plan their journeys, both short and long, seamlessly from start to finish, taking into account user preferences and available charging opportunities. Charge & Drive 2.0 can be described as a fusion between the popular and successful services Yelp and SL trip planner. A win-win solution integrates society's different players and provides financial incentives to each, accelerating the transformation into an EV society.
Using alarm clocks in a smarter way Wouldn’t it be great if your heating system could follow your exact sleeping pattern, lowering temperature and saving energy while you sleep? If your boiler prepared hot water just for when you wake? If your coffee machine started up, lights and radio turned on too? Without doing anything differently? Use alarm clocks to communicate with your heating system and electrical devices to save energy and make mornings easier! Customise your settings, set your phone alarm as normal and go sleep. Data from customer’s alarms can be used as a valuable resource to help Fortum predict morning energy peaks.

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