Challenging the next generation


Winners are announced!
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Competition closed on 22 Feb 2015


The Challenge &
Assessment Criteria

You are invited to co-create Fortum’s next consumer innovation

Fortum is one of the main energy providers in Finland and Sweden.

Our overall goal is to create energy that improves life for present and future generations, and we now seek your help in reaching this goal by challenging you to develop the next generation of smart energy solutions for our customers.

The Challenge

Your challenge is to submit a game changing idea for an interactive service, product or a new business model, for our consumer market. You can choose to build upon one of our current services or products, or develop something completely new.

In addition to being innovative and providing clear customer benefits, the idea should also be realistic and possible to implement within Fortum. We furthermore want the solutions to be financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Read more about Fortum's current customer offerings at About Fortum, or check out Fortum’s websites in Finland and Sweden to learn more.

What is your idea for the next generation of smart energy solutions?

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Assessment Criteria

Your innovation needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Implementable: the idea needs to be realistic and possible to implement
  • Innovation height: is your idea a solution for the next generation?
  • Sustainability: the idea needs to be financially, environmentally and socially sustainable
  • Customer benefits: the idea needs to provide clear customer benefits and have the potential to reach a large market

Compete as a team

You can compete as an individual or in a team of two. By competing as a team it is possible to combine knowledge and specializations to provide a more robust entry. Do you want to compete in a team but lack a teammate to compete with? Visit this forum to find other contestants who are looking for people to complete their team.


Deadline for Fortum Innovation Challenge is February 20, 2015 (at 23:45 Swedish time).

Competition process

1. Register
Register for the competition here to see the full case
Submit your case solution - an illustration, a pitch and a presentation
3. Mentor phase
Selected finalist teams will be coached by a mentor
4. Winners selection
Jury selects winning teams!

Finalists & Mentor process

Below you will find an overview of the process for selecting the finalists. The selected finalists will receive further information during the competition.

Phase 1: Finalists announcement, March, 2015
Following the deadline five teams from Finland and five from Sweden will be selected and invited to enter Phase 2.

Phase 2: Mentorship at Fortum, March-April, 2015
The finalists will be offered 2-3 online mentoring sessions with Fortum to develop and finetune their ideas and implementation plan, and in the process, gain valuable experience and extend their network.

Phase 3: Final pitch, April, 2015
Finalists submit their final pitch for the jury that will announce one winning team in Finland and one in Sweden.

Summer/fall 2015
One winning team from Finland and one from Sweden will be awarded with a trip to Silicon Valley as well as a paid internship at Fortum.